Disappearing Ink Pen Marker Set (12 Pack)


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Colour your world

These are great pens to write any secret messages and clues for others to find.

This magical, invisible ink pen will write your secret message and be completely hidden to the naked eye! 

Once your secret message is written with this pen, wait a few seconds then shine the light from the cover of the pen over the text to reveal your secret clue! 

Disappearing Ink Pen Marker Set (12 Pack)

Secret spy Message Writer with uv Light

Leave them in a drawer as an extra tip for your adventurers, the light is also helpful in uncovering the secrets you have already hidden!

Another use for these is entertainment for your kids, they can pretend to be secret spies and leave each other clues throughout their investigations.

We used some of them as stocking fillers over the festive season, they are also fantastic little prizes for kids who complete escape rooms or challenges.

The package includes: 12 markers, 2 per color with built in UV lights.

Batteries included and installed. Pens will come in a variety of colors to keep the activity exciting! 

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