ZJchao Big Time Clocks LED Digital Alarm


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Light it up!

This item has made timing so much easier for us! We have them inside the rooms as well as on the outside so that each room is well synced!

It is multi-functional with a time display in two modes – 12 or 24 hour displays, you can just push the MODE button to change it.

There is a calendar and temperature measurement function and on top of that there is even an alarm function which you can easily turn off behind the clock. It truly is an all-in-one unit!

ZJchao Big Time Clocks LED Digital Alarm

ZJchao Big Time Clocks LED Digital Alarm / Countdown/up Clock with Remote

It measures the temperature of the room it is in very accurately.

The image is crystal clear and really easy to read. There is blue, green, red and white options for the numbers and letters which stand out against a black background. It provides a lovely contrast at night or in softer/darker lighting. It is also really helpful for elderly contestants with low vision.

This unit is also energy saving with entirely LED lights, one LED on each dot, the light is soft and can even work as a night light! It can be read from a distance which is an added bonus! There is no heat generated and the power consumption is less than 1.5 kWh per month. 

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