Puroma 2 Pack Combination Lock


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Lock it down!

Locks are a very big part of escape rooms and we found that these are the most reliable for our needs.

They are nice and light and have a compact design, they are also sold in a variety of colours to match your themes. They have side windows that allow for easy combination viewing.

The locks offer high security with 10,000 combinations options on the 4 – digit unit. The numeric combination design makes it easy to set and reset your own preferred combination and hassle-free, no need to carry the key.

Puroma 2 Pack Combination Lock

4 Digit Padlock

It is strong and is built to last, we have some in our customers locker section as well to store their belongings while they experience our rooms.

Here are some specifications:
Shackle size: 0.24”
Material: Steel and Zinc Alloy
Weight: 147g per unit
Color: Silver

How to set your own code?
1. Make sure codes are set to default (0-0-0-0). Pull up the shackle and turn it to the code setting gap.
2. Push the shackle down until the tiny pin is fully inside the gap. Hold it there and turn the shackle counterclockwise to the code line.
3. Scroll the numbers to set your own combination code, making sure the numbers are completely in the windows.
4. Turn the shackle clockwise until it pops up. Remember your new combination.

To avoid damaging the lock, it’s NOT recommended to turn the shackle over the code line.
Please make sure the numbers are completely in the window when setting a new combination.
Please remember your new combination code you have set.

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