3 pack green LED micro effect


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Bright Greens!

The simplest way to add a mood to your rooms.

These are easy to set up and are great for adding brightness to a dark area.

The MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer provides dimming, multi-mode effects, and on / off control of 5 – 24 volt DC LED lights.

The unit features a simple tactile three button interface: light, speed, and mode. The Light button is used in static mode for dimming.

Note the Static (0 mode) dimming function is between effects #8 and #1 when sequencing through the modes. The Speed (On/Off) button provides ten speed levels for the effects modes and is also used to turn the unit off when it is held longer than 3 seconds.

3 Pack green LED micro effect light kit

3 Pack green LED micro effect light kit with flash blink strobe flicker dimmer control 9 volt battery operated for props scenery – narrow spotlight beam

The Mode button provides eight dynamic effects, and the Static (0 mode) between effects #8 and #1. 0) Static mode for dimming 1) Up / Down – ramp up on ramp down off – repeat 2) Up / Down – flame flicker – always on 3) Strobe – fast 4) Blinking – long off 5) Blinking – long on 6) Flash – burst of pulses (emergency vehicle light) 7) Strobe – slow (beacon light) 8) Up / Down varying brightness – brief off – repeat.

  • The LED lens is clear with a 30 degree output angle for a narrow beam
  • The MED1 Micro Effects Dimmer provides dimming and multimode effects
  • Output light is blue (467nm Typ. 5,000 mcd Typ.)
  • 3 pack lights, controllers, and 9 volt battery clips. COO: China. Batteries not included
  • MEL Light Body shell: ABS (black), length 1.42” ref. x 0.48” dia. Ref.

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