Magic Wooden Box


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Unbox it!

This is a really cool box! It was great to watch people struggle for a few minutes to get it open. We put a small note in the first compartment and then put keys in the second compartment. It worked out perfect and was exactly what we were looking for.

The build quality was good enough, but not great. You could tell it was put together rather quickly with the wooden slots on the outside not lining up perfectly. Not a big deal considering its overall quality was good for the price, and the concept was clever and cool.

Magic Wooden Box

Magic Wooden Box with Extra Secure Secret Drawer

The box is a decent size overall, the two compartments are on the smaller side. The first compartment is much smaller than the second.

I will definitely consider buying another one of these in the future if we need one!

  • Perfect for hiding things you don’t want to be easily seen.
  • Extra secure – locked by three separate locking mechanisms.
  • Features a real drawer inside for you to hide items.
  • Completely made of wood.
  • No externally exposed nails for safety.
  • This is an affordable item, not extravagant. 

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