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Magnetic Baby Safety Locks


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Magnetic Baby Safety Locks – unexpected, right?

Well, we stumbled across these little gems by chance. While I did not have high hopes, we bought them to experiment….and what a good buy they turned out to be.

We have been to many escape rooms where they mention that the “lock with pink tape” is for their resetting purposes – and are not part of the game. I have never been a fan of this concept, so when we opened out third room – we had a problem. We had cupboards which needed to be locked, as they were for our storage. Players would attempt to use keys or jimmy the cupboard locks, so we needed to do something.

Hold Hands Prop

These things were our solution. We removed the handles, filled in the keyholes – and attached these magical devices. Once we had painted and decorated the room, players did not even know the cupboards existed.

They work like a charm. The only catch – where exactly to place the “opener” when we want to open the cupboard. We generally slide it in the area we know the lock to be, and success.

We popped a few into a popup room, its a nice alternative to technology – could also be a simple to solution for a RF reader type puzzle! Opportunities are endless!


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