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Plasma Ball with magnet/metal to activate!


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This could be one of my favorite props. In our case, players find a chess piece during the game. When the chess piece is placed in the correct position, the plasma ball lights up – players then need to hold the ball, chant a spell – and a magic door opens!

We saw a similar puzzle in Bangkok, in their case they had put the balls into dragon heads. When lit up, they looked amazing. They also placed a spell in their room. The reason – players tend to touch the ball, and when nothing really happens – they tend to leave it alone.

This prop has been solid as a rock, and we have been very happy with us. Players constantly rave about how cool it is that a spell opens a door, and this is a perfect way to incorporate it into your room. We are specifically using the version which required a magnet to activate, as we were worried that players may by chance place magnetic options near the sensor. The magnetic sensor is sensitive enough to detect the magnet we selected through the chess board, so it was a very easy installation.

Plasma Ball Prop

All the accessories needed were included, and wiring was a breeze. I was initially concerned that players may break the ball, as the glass would break – but it turned out that the plasma ball is made from very durable plastic. So as long as you mount the plasma ball so it cannot be dropped, there is very little chance the ball would break.

The prop is described as follows;

  • The light effect of magic ball is cool,it is with negative ions and not harmful to human body.
  • The Trigger time to support owner modify, 1-60 seconds can be ok.
  • Player need to bring metal object to close to the metal sensor and put palm on the magic ball,later a certain time,the EM lock will be opened.
  • The Props are the finished product,it is eazy to install.
  • The owner can modify the voice from controller,but please do it follow the instruction.
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