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60kg 130LBs Holding Force Electric Magnetic Lock


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We purchased loads of these locks, and have yet have one fail. They are extremely reliable, are nice and small – and work like a bomb!

They came in a bit smaller than expected, which is convenient – as we have managed to incorporate them into some of our smaller compartments. They come with a alan-key and a mounting, so they are extremely easy to install.

We did initially have some issues with getting the magnet to bond properly, and after some testing discovered that you do need to align them fairly perfectly. The angle of contact also needs to be perfect.

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The solution, ensure the magnetic side has some play when installing. In our case, a washer and bolt did the trick. It allows the magnetic side some movement, ensuring that when it makes contact with the other side – it’s a solid contact and the unit sticks.

Overall, very happy with this unit. Only suggestion, the wiring could be a bit longer!

PS. Don’t forget to order a AC Adapter for the maglocks, they are sold separately.


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