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Bare Conductive Electric Paint


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Electric Paint!

Gosh, why did we not hear about this stuff sooner. On a previous post you will find our review on the holding hands puzzle, where we were struggling to work out the best way for players to touch 2 ends of a wire, while holding hands. We tried tinfoil, we tried clamps – we even tried just leaving the wire bare. This was until, we googled various ways to conduct current….

Electric Paint

Electric Paint

We went with the option above, and while it is messy and rather thick to work with – it dries to a hard rubber like substance, and works like a bomb. Players have not managed to damage the paint in any way by peeling or scraping, so it’s very durable. Note that it takes ages to dry, we initially thought we could apply in the morning and run games that same evening – but the paint sadly had still not dried properly by that same evening.

Overall – we have been running this puzzle for about 8 months now, and have had excellent results. Highly recommended, and with some creativity, you can have some fun with this paint.

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